As an independent travel consultant, mindfulness teacher, motivational speaker and published writer, Amy Quinn revels in bringing clients to the world. She travels locally, in the United States and abroad, exploring “new” places with her husband, family and friends. In addition to actively crossing aspirational places off her list, Amy believes there’s so much to experience right where she is in Denver!

Global travel opportunities to more than 20 countries, living abroad, and working in the hospitality industry have equipped Amy with the right skills for planning travel. Her success is very much aligned with a passion for exploring the world near and far. Amy excels at attention to detail and creating itineraries that match closely with clients’ desires. Click here to see reviews.

As a busy professional Amy discovered her talent for planning travel and bringing people together, cultivating relationships with peers at American Airlines, clients at Nestle and volunteers among numerous fundraising and board endeavors. She has published two books, Fundraising Innovators: Leaders in Social Enterprise Share New Approaches to Raise Money, and an eBook, A Table In Time: Host a Gathering that Feeds your Mind, Body and Soul. She publishes a weekly blog, “Living As a Traveler.” Check it out here.

Currently a Teacher-in-Training with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Amy is honing her skills for “Being Present” on the journey!

Where To in 2019? Skiing in Colorado, Biking in Europe or Asia and a Holiday River Cruise on the Danube

To learn about Amy’s certifications and specialties please see Travel Services.