Hosting and Dogs

In some ways I think our dogs, Louis and Toulouse, enjoy Quinn gatherings more than we do and even perhaps more than our guests! They wander among everyone, sniffing and eying appetizers, thrilled to be underfoot. They sit inconveniently among us and sometimes attempt to climb onto the couch. They lie right in the middle … Read more

Will an Appetizer be Enough? Certainly with Conversation

A healthy thought-out menu, one prepared ahead, let’s a host enjoy the guests and be fully present during the meal…no slaving over the stove with guests watching and waiting for your attention!   Asking guests to contribute to the meal is also a helpful option. Tonight I’m bringing some asparagus wrapped in puff pastry, baked and … Read more

Launch Day! Hungry for Deeper Connection Over the Holidays!

I was hungry for more in life, including joyful conversation! Full of tech-like sound bites, social events felt stale. My harried pace interfered with listening well. I struggled to get to know people. Can you relate? So, last January I “changed it up” and started hosting monthly gatherings, a dinner or lunch, to nurture community … Read more

My Story in Five Courses: Dessert and Toasts

Sweet rewards! After each gathering, guests felt enlivened, refreshed, even transformed. Since my husband and I had hosted the get-togethers, we had begun to create a connected conversation community. We made new friends. We supported small businesses; we reveled in the meal and relaxed evening.   We had fun travelling locally without leaving our home. After … Read more

My Story in Five Courses: Main Entree

Conversation is about intention. To be heard, explore specific topics, authentic connection, face-to-face and sharing life. Enable the telling of our stories around universal themes; shed external agendas; appreciate our full selves; simplify the meal; let others participate in bringing food. We all have food stories- great way to start introductions. The evening flows and … Read more

My Story in Five Courses: First Course

Let’s get people together whether I know them or not. Like an “Airbnb” for conversation concurrent with a meal around the table. Maybe not knowing them would be better so guests don’t feel constrained by social niceties. Guests must feel safe and warmly welcomed. How to create the right environment? Hosted gatherings to learn what … Read more

My Story in Five Courses: Starter Appetizer

Looked for some type of supper club platform. All food focused. Don’t get me wrong…I love a delicious meal with fresh ingredients and enjoy hosting. Yet a gathering can be more. It needs conversation, laughter, joy, discovery, perspective, and stories. My life was blessed with conversation and celebration around the table. It was time for … Read more