A New Place, A New Day

As feet hit the ground awareness starts to filter in. A sip of water, teeth brush and splash of water on your face. Birds are calling to one another. Light is gaining strength illuminating what’s in the room and,more importantly, the hope of a new day. The smell of coffee wafts from the machine activating … Read more

The Debrief Lone and All

All that remained was a packaged hazelnut cookie. From another trip it was five cans of sardines, smelly and tasty. There was a small hand-painted bowl from the Chateau region of France and a ceramic mini-platter from Tuscany. A bottle of Spanish olive oil safely packed in our luggage and savored for months once home. … Read more

When Travel Disrupts…

Travel is disruptive.  When we travel we intentionally disrupt our lives! In a foreign land we’re unaccustomed to cultural norm.  Not in our own bed, sleep isn’t fit. Food is foreign to our bodies. In an unfamiliar place, we’re slightly on edge. Routines do not resemble daily lives.  Thus, whether for business or pleasure trips, … Read more

The Retro Gift on Arrival

There’s nothing like being picked up at the airport. Knowing a friend or family member will welcome you safely back home is a lovely, affirming experience. You’re home!  No sign is required. A friend knows what you look like. No schlepping luggage on and off the parking garage bus. What a relief! “People watching” at … Read more

The Last Seat Dilemma: Finding Space

The last one on the plane, ugh, is an unenviable position. The only seat available is surprisingly in the front row, the Bulk Head middle seat. All the other passengers have walked by and as the very last passenger boarding the plane, the only choice was that smooshed seat. Arms stretched straight by my side. Other … Read more

Mundane Weather, Really?

As much as we might poke fun at our default conversational topic, The Weather, it’s a logical “Go To”. We live in a natural world and as a friend recently suggested, it’s almost instinctual to check the daily temperatures. With climate change creating havoc around the world, we’re also much more aware of the weather’s … Read more

Managing the Going and Coming

Leaving home feels so different than returning.  Both have challenges and rewards.  There’s nothing normal about the day right before leaving or conversely the last day of a trip. Our minds begin to anticipate the change. Sleep is restless. Emotions are mixed. Caught unawares, we’re readying ourselves for a transition. Life is about to be … Read more

Little Inconveniences or Slowing Way Down

Yes, traveling can be exhausting.  We want to figure out where to eat breakfast, how to get from the airport to the hotel and around the town, purchase tickets to the top sights, procure dinner reservations etc…lots of logistics.Then, it’s the little things, the small inconveniences that remind us we’re in a different country and … Read more

When One is More Than Enough

For some we cram our days with huge “To Do” lists.  Even with an ordered task list, we underestimate how much time is truly required for an assignment. Despite “checks” next to multiple activities, we re-write many of the same “to do’s” day-after-day, feeling deflated and unsuccessful. As travelers and tourists we do the same…we … Read more

Remnants or Caboodles: How To Remember

Remnants, little messes, of a trip sprinkle our home, inconvenient piles of receipts, phone chargers, small change, and sight seeing brochures. They represent small, grateful monuments to happy memories.  After traveling to Spain and Portugal we’re just not ready to store our reminiscences away. What vignettes will stand out? What will we remember from this journey? … Read more