Endearing Acova in Denver’s LoHi Neighborhood

Handing out food and warm clothes and then enjoying dinner at a cozy restaurant, two different neighborhoods within a span of four hours, a breadth of experience endearing us to Denver and the people who live here.  Both activities engendered care and comfort, kindness and friendliness, neighbors helping neighbors, Mr. Roger’s ethos in action:   … Read more

Living as a Traveler

A Traveling Time blog is for those who want to make the most of their journey, looking for breadth of experience, engaging fully in conversation with themselves, others, their circles, wherever they are. When we live as a traveler… we’re more present. We notice the sights, sounds and smells around us. All of our senses … Read more

Back to Our Bodies

Our sacred miraculous essential bodies… Teacher and performer, Nina Wise shares in her book, A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life: “If we are to fully know freedom, we must find that freedom not only in the mind but also in the body, the house of our being. The physical body is our medium for … Read more

On a Jet Plane: Leaving Someone Behind

Our heart subtly, quietly aches. Travel isn’t always fun. Sometimes we go away to be with a sick family member or attend a funeral. Other times, even when we’re heading out for a fun adventure, leaving loved ones behind can be surprisingly difficult. The drive to the airport feels poignant, the luggage a little heavier. … Read more

Sensing a Place, Where We Are: Mexico City

When recovering from cancer surgery, thankfully many years back, Genevieve Lane, an alternative medicine practitioner, suggested gentle walking “with a twist”: amble while engaging the senses. Wandering the neighborhood accompanied by my senses helped build trust in my body again. When my mind wandered I simply shifted to a different sense choosing from the rich … Read more

The Retro Gift on Arrival

There’s nothing like being picked up at the airport. Knowing a friend or family member will welcome you safely back home is a lovely, affirming experience. You’re home!  No sign is required. A friend knows what you look like. No schlepping luggage on and off the parking garage bus. What a relief! “People watching” at … Read more

Mundane Weather, Really?

As much as we might poke fun at our default conversational topic, The Weather, it’s a logical “Go To”. We live in a natural world and as a friend recently suggested, it’s almost instinctual to check the daily temperatures. With climate change creating havoc around the world, we’re also much more aware of the weather’s … Read more

Managing the Going and Coming

Leaving home feels so different than returning.  Both have challenges and rewards.  There’s nothing normal about the day right before leaving or conversely the last day of a trip. Our minds begin to anticipate the change. Sleep is restless. Emotions are mixed. Caught unawares, we’re readying ourselves for a transition. Life is about to be … Read more

Little Inconveniences or Slowing Way Down

Yes, traveling can be exhausting.  We want to figure out where to eat breakfast, how to get from the airport to the hotel and around the town, purchase tickets to the top sights, procure dinner reservations etc…lots of logistics.Then, it’s the little things, the small inconveniences that remind us we’re in a different country and … Read more

When One is More Than Enough

For some we cram our days with huge “To Do” lists.  Even with an ordered task list, we underestimate how much time is truly required for an assignment. Despite “checks” next to multiple activities, we re-write many of the same “to do’s” day-after-day, feeling deflated and unsuccessful. As travelers and tourists we do the same…we … Read more