Good To Be Out in the World

Thank goodness we’re not all the same.  How refreshing not to laugh at the same jokes. One person’s laughter sounds different than another’s!  We love hearing all types of giggles!  Last week a sold-out crowd of mostly women enjoyed “Mental Pause” at The DTC Comedy Club.  Some of us gathered earlier for Happy Hour and others arrived right as the performance began. Ladies dressed up for the evening while jeans and a t-shirt sufficed too.  It felt good to be out in the world!
Together as women, spouses, moms, singles, employees with high or low salaries, volunteers, solo-entrepreneurs, corporate types, breadwinners, male… or no, we laughed at jokes. Through humor we found common cause.  We felt good as an audience. The laughter was infectious and created a stronger connection than we might have imagined possible.
It was good to be out in the world with people who have not had the same life experiences and or opportunities. Perspectives might diverge. What’s motivates one person is not necessarily what gives others their “JuJu”. Witnessing how one woman reacted to a joke, by yelling a funny retort towards the stage helped us glean information about ourselves: why weren’t we the ones screaming comments into the audience? It’s good to be out in the world building tolerance.
Sometimes we’re quick to make assumptions and think we know what another person is like. When venturing to new places, however, we’re humbled by how much we don’t know and how much there is to learn about a person’s life.  It was good to be out in the world broadening our horizons.
Don’t we revel in “what’s new” when we travel?  Yes! In fact, when we deliberately go to a new place, we search out what’s different, eager to understand another culture. Although we like our American burgers, we begin to understand that’s there’s a slew of tastes yet to be discovered.
Consider any outing, near or far, an open forum…a place to gather new ideas and opinions.  Feeling a little uncomfortable or apprehensive that we don’t have the skills to try a new experience?  Here are a  couple tips to keep in mind.
  • Remember that everyone faces challenges, even if we don’t know what they are. We can connect through our shared vulnerability.  As humans we will experience being born and dying, joy and sadness, frustration and ease. We’re more the same than different.
  • Most of us “don’t get out enough”.  So, when you do decide to be “ Out in the World” make the most of it.  Others, who also feel a sense of exhilaration being out, will want to join you for the fun!
We all need to feel connected and everyone enjoys having fun, even introverts. Live life now! It feels Good to Be Out In the World!

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