Little Black Dress…Little Black Backpack

Fashion experts often extol the virtues of the “Little Black Dress”, a “must have” staple for any woman’s wardrobe.  This “classic” dress is perfect for almost any occasion and pays dividends quickly. Its worn all the time, becoming a  favorite “Go To”. Life and getting dressed for an evening becomes simpler. Wear and Go!

The same can be said for owning and traveling only with a “Little Black Backpack”! Packing what’s needed for a ten-day trip in one small Carry-On offers freedom. Hard to imagine traveling with so little?

Like a comfy security blanket, we want to have our stuff, not leave it behind. How can we possibly fit everything we “need” into one small bag?  

Meet Marie Picasso! She travels with a small backpack for three weeks.  That’s it!

In a recent interview with Marie, an avid traveler and owner of Resonant Harmony Health, she shares the “why” and “how” of packing lightly.

Watch and feel inspired by Marie Here!

See the Little Black Backpack Here!

When we’re discerning about our choices and reduce them down to fit in a smaller bag, even a Little Black Backpack, we experience more freedom in every way! Life becomes uncomplicated. Like the Little Black Dress, the Little Black Backpack emerges as a simple and reliable companion.

Simplify Life…Simplify Travel!


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