Slack Cheeks and Where to Live Slowly

After almost a week of a very slow-paced “retreat” my cheeks were slack, like that of a sleeping chipmunk! There were new creases on the sides of my mouth, a strange outcome from taking it easy. Perhaps the jaw-clenched, quick-paced schedule suited me better. Probably not. Yet, how can we slow down and live fully … Read more

On a Jet Plane: Leaving Someone Behind

Our heart subtly, quietly aches. Travel isn’t always fun. Sometimes we go away to be with a sick family member or attend a funeral. Other times, even when we’re heading out for a fun adventure, leaving loved ones behind can be surprisingly difficult. The drive to the airport feels poignant, the luggage a little heavier. … Read more

Go Local: Start in Your Neighborhood!

To “Live As A Traveler” means fully appreciating wherever you are. This translates to enjoying your “hometown” and neighborhood, not taking nearby for granted. There are interesting and kind people right next door, across the street, around the corner. No need for traveling far to discover new experiences and relationships. Just keep it local!   … Read more

A New Place, A New Day

As feet hit the ground awareness starts to filter in. A sip of water, teeth brush and splash of water on your face. Birds are calling to one another. Light is gaining strength illuminating what’s in the room and,more importantly, the hope of a new day. The smell of coffee wafts from the machine activating … Read more

The Debrief Lone and All

All that remained was a packaged hazelnut cookie. From another trip it was five cans of sardines, smelly and tasty. There was a small hand-painted bowl from the Chateau region of France and a ceramic mini-platter from Tuscany. A bottle of Spanish olive oil safely packed in our luggage and savored for months once home. … Read more

When Travel Disrupts…

Travel is disruptive.  When we travel we intentionally disrupt our lives! In a foreign land we’re unaccustomed to cultural norm.  Not in our own bed, sleep isn’t fit. Food is foreign to our bodies. In an unfamiliar place, we’re slightly on edge. Routines do not resemble daily lives.  Thus, whether for business or pleasure trips, … Read more

The Retro Gift on Arrival

There’s nothing like being picked up at the airport. Knowing a friend or family member will welcome you safely back home is a lovely, affirming experience. You’re home!  No sign is required. A friend knows what you look like. No schlepping luggage on and off the parking garage bus. What a relief! “People watching” at … Read more

On Departure? Don’t Miss It!

Everyday we say “good-bye”.  Sometimes it’s a quick wave, “See you later” kind of act. Other times, with family we leave with a hug and kiss. Mostly, however, in our daily lives, departures go unnoticed.  We slip out when the meeting is done…we’re finished. Or, at the Cafe, where we indulged in a delicious coffee … Read more

Planes, Trains and Automobiles… It Is What It Is!

  Waiting hours on a runway for “de-icing”, standing in three different lines to check odd-sized luggage or sitting squeezed in a middle seat… these are the times we say to ourselves, “It is what it is”. Logistics might go awry. Like Steve Martin in the movie, “Trains, Planes and Automobiles” we end up in … Read more

Wonders of a Parking Garage: Observation

As most of us know, when we rush, accidents happen. Hurrying translates into broken bones. Aside from safety, when our daily focus is frenetically tactical, we miss out. When we slow down physically, however, just a bit, awareness expands benefiting our interactions and ourselves. When we’re not moving so quickly we see more, including the … Read more