Back to Our Bodies

Our sacred miraculous essential bodies… Teacher and performer, Nina Wise shares in her book, A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life: “If we are to fully know freedom, we must find that freedom not only in the mind but also in the body, the house of our being. The physical body is our medium for … Read more

Slack Cheeks and Where to Live Slowly

After almost a week of a very slow-paced “retreat” my cheeks were slack, like that of a sleeping chipmunk! There were new creases on the sides of my mouth, a strange outcome from taking it easy. Perhaps the jaw-clenched, quick-paced schedule suited me better. Probably not. Yet, how can we slow down and live fully … Read more

When Travel Disrupts…

Travel is disruptive.  When we travel we intentionally disrupt our lives! In a foreign land we’re unaccustomed to cultural norm.  Not in our own bed, sleep isn’t fit. Food is foreign to our bodies. In an unfamiliar place, we’re slightly on edge. Routines do not resemble daily lives.  Thus, whether for business or pleasure trips, … Read more

The Last Seat Dilemma: Finding Space

The last one on the plane, ugh, is an unenviable position. The only seat available is surprisingly in the front row, the Bulk Head middle seat. All the other passengers have walked by and as the very last passenger boarding the plane, the only choice was that smooshed seat. Arms stretched straight by my side. Other … Read more

Managing the Going and Coming

Leaving home feels so different than returning.  Both have challenges and rewards.  There’s nothing normal about the day right before leaving or conversely the last day of a trip. Our minds begin to anticipate the change. Sleep is restless. Emotions are mixed. Caught unawares, we’re readying ourselves for a transition. Life is about to be … Read more

Little Inconveniences or Slowing Way Down

Yes, traveling can be exhausting.  We want to figure out where to eat breakfast, how to get from the airport to the hotel and around the town, purchase tickets to the top sights, procure dinner reservations etc…lots of logistics.Then, it’s the little things, the small inconveniences that remind us we’re in a different country and … Read more

Little Black Dress…Little Black Backpack

Fashion experts often extol the virtues of the “Little Black Dress”, a “must have” staple for any woman’s wardrobe.  This “classic” dress is perfect for almost any occasion and pays dividends quickly. Its worn all the time, becoming a  favorite “Go To”. Life and getting dressed for an evening becomes simpler. Wear and Go! The … Read more

Good To Be Out in the World

Thank goodness we’re not all the same.  How refreshing not to laugh at the same jokes. One person’s laughter sounds different than another’s!  We love hearing all types of giggles!  Last week a sold-out crowd of mostly women enjoyed “Mental Pause” at The DTC Comedy Club.  Some of us gathered earlier for Happy Hour and … Read more