About the artist


Christine Sefolosha


CHRISTINE SEFOLOSHA was born in Montreux, Switzerland, into a German-Swiss family. She began drawing as a child. Shortly after matriculating she married a white South African and moved with him and their baby to South Africa, where they settled in Johannesburg. Here she drew and painted. Then attracted by their immense creative vitality, she began to mingle with the African people.

After separating from her first husband she married a black musician called Sefolosha. She moved within this community, lived along writers, photographers, artists in and out of the townships. Harassed by the police, apartheid soon drove them out of the country. They moved to Christine’s homeland. She continued painting inspired by her years in Africa, which she described as “an experience which won’t let you go and which made me want to give voice to everything about existence which is suspended, transitory, subject to chance.”

The world Sefolosha depicts evokes mythic tales of constant metamorphosis where humans and animals merge and mutate and boundaries between the self and the natural world are ever porous.

She has exhibited in numerous Museum and solo Shows in Switzerland, France and the US.